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Stored Value-Debit Cards

Prepaid card
Plastic prepaid card

A plastic prepaid card entails a customer pays a certain amount of money upfront for your product or service. This value is recorded against the customers name as a credit balance or stored value and the card then performs The role of a debit card.

Each time the customer buys your product/service then the card can be debited for that value and only the remaining Balance of value exists.

The stored value card is a truly win-win situation. From the issuers perspective it bestows the following advantages.

» Advance payment means good cash flows
» Guaranteed sales locked in
» Loyalty built in as well as rewards can be incorporated
» Gifting potential expands sales possibility
» Cash handling and settlement at POS eliminated
» Ease of transaction for both buyer and seller
» Possibility to track and capture consumer behavior and create added sales
» Online purchase and top-up potential
» Tie-up with other brands and products possible.

We offer a complete backend Pre-paid card or debit card solution to help you launch your gift card Or loyalty card programme.

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