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Custom Printed Plastic Gift Cards

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Custom Printed Plastic Gift Cards are a great answer for almost any business! They are perfect for spas, health clubs, holistic centers, beauty salons, gyms, restaurants, bars, gift stores, boutiques, florists, children’s clothing and toy stores and so many other specialty retailers. These cards can be issued with or without a computerized POS system. Our quality cards are sure to make a great impression! 

Our Plastic gift cards can be produced in 1-color to 4 (full)-colour process and can be electronically driven by barcodes or magnetic strip. Our gift cards are compatible with most POS Systems. If you prefer a ledger-book system, each card will have a unique ID # for manual tracking. Durable, visual and easy to carry, Plastic gift cards are an effective marketing tool and can significantly increase revenues.

Most retailers are now converting from paper certificates to plastic gift cards. Whether you are looking for a basic or custom software application, we can recommend software solutions based on your specific needs.
Plastic gift card
Prepaid gift card
Gift cards offer retailers more benefits compared to paper vouchers

Increased Sales: The unspent value remains on the gift card, encouraging repeat visits. 60% of gift card holders spend 15-20% more than the gift card’s face value.

Acquisition & Retention: Gift cards attract new customers. Detailed statistical information provides analysis of buying habits which can be used for data mining and ultimately to increase loyalty.

Improved Profitability: Gift cards ensure that the customer receives the goods they want, which in turn reduces the amount of returned or exchanged merchandise.

Brand Differentiation: New printing techniques provide consistency of branding. Gift cards have a higher perceived value to customers than vouchers.

Flexibility: Gift cards can be designed to maximize seasonal promotions.

Reduced Fraud: Gift cards are without value until activated at the point of sale. This allows for more prominent positioning within the store which in turn drives sales through increased awareness and impulse buying.
Printed plastic gift card
Custom gift card
Benefits of Our Electronic Gift Card
Promotional / Incentives - Whether buying for a relative or friend, giving to an employee, or using as an incentive the Gift Card is an excellent promotional tool or premium reward.
The card will help build brand awareness as it is easily housed in a purse or wallet. Gift Cards offer enormous advertising and message space with very low relative cost.

Increased Turnover / Profitability - Effective Gift Card display at the point of sale has a dramatic impact on human tendency to impulse purchase, thus increasing profitability.

Gift Card Data Vs Paper Vouchers - Electronic swipe Gift Cards give you the facility to examine purchasing activity and trends at all levels enabling the production of accurate reports.

Effective Target Marketing - With the collated data and accurate reports Gift Cards give you the opportunity to carry out more effective and successful marketing.

Minimal Security
- As Gift Cards are not activated until the point of sale they can be treated as a stationery item, whereas paper gift vouchers have to be treated as money an awarded the appropriate security measures. These savings on security measures also help to increase profitability.

Less Returned Merchandise - Gift Cards ensure that the customer or the end user receives the goods that they want which in turn reduces the quantity of returned or exchanged merchandise. This saving on storage space and human resources increases productivity and profitability. Hanging Pieces / Carriers - Affixing Cards to creatively designed carriers or hanging pieces adds to the perceived value.
Well-conceived packaging helps create more effective point of sale displays that promote a card based programme or service and increase impulse buying.

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